organization Halethorpe

Organization Matters

How do you freshen up your space for the New Year? Store-It is your one stop shop for all organization tools and suggestions. It’s nice to come home and kick your feet up and simply relax. Here at Store-It we know organization matters and we want to help you. Start with these easy tips below to keep your home as efficient as possible!

organization Halethorpe

Office Space:

After coming back from a long holiday your desk may be full of paper. Stay on top of the incoming and out going documents with a filing system.
Separate the items within your desk. Make or buy drawer dividers to keep utensils at the ready.
Make a command center for yourself. This is great for your to-do list and messages from coworkers.
At the end of everyday, put items back in their homes and start the next day refreshed and ready to go!


A tilt out trash can is a great use of space and will help keep the unwanted kitchen smells away. The top can also be converted into a cutting board; this will make prepping meals much easier!
Get creative in the kitchen with magnets and small glass jars. Clean out baby food jars, label them and add a magnet to the lid for spices you use most often.
The kitchen is the best place for the family calendar, notes and the menu.
Make the most of your counter space with a over the sink cutting board. Easy access to water and a sturdy surface for prep makes dinner simple.


Pick an organization plan when hanging your clothes. Which ever system you choose, color coded, by style or by occasion make sure you stick to it.
If you store your seasonal wardrobe under the bed or in the attic make sure to label what is in each box.
Before swapping clothes, sort through and remove anything that no longer fits or was not used.

Living Room:

Under the coach storage is useful for blankets and a sofa skirt can easily hide any bins.
Recycle the old magazines as soon as new ones arrive in the mail.
Make it a habit to clean as you go. If you notice something that should be in the bedroom grab it as you head back that way.

Store-It knows how hectic life can get, and if your searching for everyday items it can be even more frustrating. We want you to have the skills and tips to tackle your New Year’s organization tasks.