storage unit size guide
July 7, 2021

Store-It’s Storage Unit Size Guide

Choosing a storage unit for your next move? Which is the right size? Store-It can help you determine between the large storage units and a small storage unit for every moving and storage need. Our Halethorpe, MD, storage facility has a range of storage units and the storage unit size guide to help you make the right choice for your move. Check out our tips for storing your items and selecting self storage that has the right amount of space.

Storage Unit Size Guide

Size Guide: Small Storage Unit

Small Storage Units

Looking for just enough room for your seasonal gear or a few boxes? A small storage unit is a right choice for you. You will be able to store boxes, clothing racks, even a few pieces of furniture. Our 5×5 and 5×10 storage options are the equivalent of a walk in closet.

Medium Self Storage

Is your college student coming home for the summer or after graduation? Store belongings from one room in a medium storage unit. These spaces are capable of storing belongings from up to 3 bedrooms, furniture included. There is ample space for a mattress and dresser along with your boxes.

Large Storage Units

Store-It provides customers with a storage solution large enough to store the whole house and then some. Our large 10×30 storage units are great to help you prepare for an upcoming move. We even have outdoor parking spaces that make it easy for vehicle storage too!

Rent Storage in Halethorpe, MD, Now!

Now that you have an idea of what each storage unit size can hold, it’s time to rent! Head over to our units available page and select your option. We offer a large variety of temperature-controlled storage units to protect your items. All your belongings will stay secure and in excellent condition throughout changing seasons and Maryland weather. See which one of our storage units would best serve you!

Our contactless move in option allows you to rent the storage unit, get your personal access code, and start moving in. If you still have some details to work out, like moving day, select reserve to hold a storage unit until you need it. Browse and secure your Halethorpe, MD, storage online with us!