Cross Country Moving: Checklist to Help You Move

Moving season is upon us and that means you may be looking for a new place to live. Planning to sell and move down the street? Maybe you want to move to another state for your job. Store-It can help you move and settle in, on your schedule. With cross country moving a lot goes into finding a new home, school for the kids, and possibly settling in to new job. If you are moving to the Halethorpe MD area this summer, make Store-It your go to option for storage while moving.

Storage during a move can alleviate any pressure to unpack quickly. Our secure storage units are ideal for moving the house and unpacking when you are ready.

Cross Country Moving Halethorpe MD

Update Your Info

  1. Pick a day during the week to stop by the DMV. There you can update your address, just remember to save some time as there may be lines.
  2. You can schedule to have your mail forwarded to your new house through the USPS website. They give you one month to contact your other businesses to notify them of the change.
  3. If you have social security benefits or are part of a Veteran assistance program, you will have 10 days to update your address with them.
  4. Inform credit card companies, financial aid offices, and insurance agents of your move. You may be able to schedule the transition with some of these organizations.

Re-Stock The Pantry

Cleaning out the cabinets and pantry may have depleted your extra items. Get rid of old spices, and expired items, then make a list of things to pick up from the store. This checklist is a good list of cleaning supplies and kitchen basics that can help after you move.

While you start packing your belongings for your move, consider our Halethorpe MD self storage to make moving a little easier.