How Do You Know Which Storage Unit You Need?

Which unit is right for you? With many Halethorpe MD storage options to choose from, you have the opportunity to find the exact size storage unit you need with our help. Our experts are knowledgeable in all things storing. Let us help you narrow down your decision with an easy descriptions of possibilities for saving space.

storage unit Halethorpe MD

This space is not much bigger than a small walk in closet, which is perfect for a few boxes, a desk, and maybe a few chairs. Take back your space and move the seasonal boxes out of the house.  This 10 square foot space is perfect for a couple containers of decorations or the odds and ends in the basement. This small storage option is perfect for the apartment renter, college student or avid hobbyist looking for security of their possessions.


For those little projects around the house a walk-in size will be sufficient.  Our short term storage options make it possible to keep 1 to 2 bedroom sets here.Many of our customers find this storage solution helpful for the little projects around the house. Storing the holiday decor and outdoor equipment are other possibilities. You won’t have to worry about where to put your inflatables and beach toys since there is just enough space here.


The change in seasons is hard enough, don’t leave your treasures to fend for themselves. Temperature controlled storage units keep your most valuable items safe. When the snow falls and the thermometer reaches the highest temps, worry less when you store in temperature controlled. Adding this feature to our already highly protected storage facility gives you the added peace of mind.


Planning the big move? If you are wondering how to best stay organized during a move, this large storage options is perfect. There is plenty of room for the kids furniture and all your appliances. Take your time when searching for the right place to call home.


When you are packed and everything is labeled stop in to talk with an expert at Store-It about the Halethorpe MD self storage options waiting for you.