Moving Questions for The Professionals

Choosing a moving company and need some help? Determining which movers are best when it comes to moving your valuables is a careful process. Store-It is your go to storage solution in Halethorpe MD but we are also a helpful friend to our customers. Find a Halethorpe MD moving company on our neighborhood friends board and get ready to move with professionals.

Along with choosing a moving company, finding a self storage unit is another step on the list. Our self storage units are just outside Baltimore MD and easily accessible for customers moving to the area. Self storage and moving go hand in hand and your storage experts at Store-It can help you find both.

Halethorpe MD Moving Company

What To Ask The Professionals?

  1. Do have temporary labor?
  2. What are your minimum requirements for a charge?
  3. How much are estimates?
  4. What do I need to do on the day of moving?
  5. If my date changes, what do I do?

More tips on how to successfully choose a moving company are on this moving article. This article walks you through how to make an informed decision.

Looking for a Halethorpe MD moving company? JK Moving Services is in our neighborhood and moves families and businesses throughout Maryland. They have 35 years of experience and provide both commercial and residential moving.

Tasks for Moving Day

  1. Do not leave packing to the last minute. Add labels to boxes and tags to bags so movers can unload easily.
  2. Line your floors with tarps or create a path for movers to walk on.
  3. Take a part furniture the morning of or night before. Keep all screws together in a bag and tape it to the furniture.

Stop by Store-It to see how our self storage near Baltimore MD and a local moving company can set you up for simple moving.

Did you know we also offer moving supplies? We have you covered! Come in to grab supplies, tips, and extra space.