Selling, Staging, Storing, all you need to know

If you are preparing to sell your house and start the hunt for your next home, Store-It has the storage rental to assist you. We have the quick tips to spruce up your space as well as available space to protect your belongings. Let us help you stage your house that will appeal to many possible buyers.

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Rearrange your floor plan

  • Make a few edits to the furniture in your house.
  • Keep your entryway clear. A few staple pieces like a chair and coat rack will be simple but welcoming.
  • Organize your couch, table, and chairs so you can move smoothly through your space.
  • Extra possessions are best kept in a storage unit for safe keeping.


  • Packing up the family photos can be tough but this will allow a new homeowner to see their belongings here.
  • When deciding what to keep consider a little pop of color. A blanket or vase of flowers creates a warm welcome.
  • You do not have to get rid of all your character, when decorating, group items in pairs or triplets.
  • A mirror will make a small room look larger.
  • Plants are also easy decorations anytime of year. They give any room a welcoming touch.

Repair or Store

  • Staging on a budget is possible; give the bathroom and kitchen a lift with new handles.
  • Touch up your floors with a new shine or deep clean for carpets.
  • If you are repainting make sure to keep most large living spaces neutral colors.
  • Is your to-do list a little long? See if you can check off a few before the buyers arrive.

Whether you are staging on a budget or planning a big move, Store-It can help. Make your home stand out by storing your belongings in our convenient self storage units. Start preparing your home with these tips and store your belongings in a safe storage rental here.