how to find houses to flip

How to Find Affordable Houses to Flip

How and where can you find houses to flip? Locating your perfect diamond in the rough might be a tricky task for beginners, but Store-It has put together a list of helpful tips to send you on the right path. We are a self storage facility in Halethorpe, MD, dedicated to assisting you through life’s biggest changes. Once you find your house to flip, contact us to rent self storage space near you!

how to find houses to flip

Questions to Ask Yourself When Trying to Find Houses to Flip

How Does the Neighborhood Compare?

When you are looking for houses to flip, it is important to research and value the needs of your potential buyers in your search. Are they looking for a starter home in a low-cost area? A family-friendly neighborhood with good schools? Or are they empty nesters who are downsizing and looking for a more affordable place to live? You can find a house in good shape, but it is the truly the surrounding neighborhood that paints the rest of the picture for a buyer. With a little bit of effort, you can find the perfect house to flip and make a great profit in the process. Use New Silver Lending’s state-by-state guide to house flipping to start your research!

Where Are You Searching for Real Estate?

Online? In person? The answer will hopefully be all of the above. There are plenty of online resources that make searching simple. Zillow, for example, is a popular choice for online real estate marketplaces, and it is easy to see why. Tools like its Foreclosure Center and Home Sellers Guide go far beyond just a search to provide you with expert advice. In addition to conducting your online search, work with or look for networking opportunities with local real estate agents who specialize in house flipping. Get to know the area with a professional who already knows the ins and outs of the process.

What Renovations Are You Comfortable Taking On?

This is an important step on the house-flipping journey. You want to be able to make a profit off your final sale, but in order to do that, you need to keep a tight budget on your initial purchase and renovations. Some projects will be too expensive to taken on, while others simply might require a higher level of construction skill than your team possesses (which means you will need to hire a pricey professional). Keep these issues in mind when you are searching for your house:

  • Plumbing & Water-Related Damage
  • Structural or Foundation Cracks
  • Electrical Code Issues
  • See More

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Our Store-It facility can assist you through every stage of the real estate purchase. When you find your house that you plan to flip, contact our office to get situated in a storage rental that can support your renovations, staging, and organization. We offer all indoor, temperature-controlled storage units to provide your belongings with the best protection all year long. Take advantage of our month-by-month leasing and contactless storage rentals!

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