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At Store-It, we pride ourselves on offering a range of high-quality storage solutions tailored to meet all your needs, including our secure and convenient vehicle storage spaces. Whether you’re looking to store your cherished RV for the off-season, keep your classic car safe, or simply need extra space for your everyday vehicle, we’ve got you covered. We will guide you through everything you need to know about our outdoor vehicle storage options and provide expert tips on how to prepare your vehicle for storage. With Store-It, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what matters most to you.

Table of Contents

I. Why Rent Vehicle Storage?

II. Security Benefits of a Storage Facility

III. Vehicle Storage Preparation Tips

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Why Store Your Vehicle at a Self Storage Facility?

When it comes to safeguarding your car, boat, RV, or other vehicles, choosing the right storage solution is more than just a matter of convenience—it’s about preservation and security. Here are some key advantages of storing your vehicle with Store-It:

  1. Protection Against Harsh Weather Conditions: One of the biggest threats to your vehicle, especially in areas with extreme weather, is exposure to the elements. Our well-designed storage facility offers protection from wind, rain, snow, and harmful UV rays. By keeping your vehicle shielded from these elements with extra precautions like a cover, you’re actively extending its lifespan and keeping it in top condition.
  2. Reduced Risk of Damage and Vandalism: Vehicles that are parked on the street or in driveways are often vulnerable to accidental damage or even vandalism. Our storage facility provides a much safer environment, away from the potential hazards of public spaces. Here, your vehicle is guarded against unforeseen accidents and mischief, ensuring it stays just as you left it.
  3. Staying on the Right Side of Regulations: Many residential areas, particularly those governed by homeowners’ associations (HOAs), have strict rules about parking large vehicles or boats. By choosing our storage facility, you can avoid potential fines and complaints and keep your space tidy.
  4. Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Value: The way you store your vehicle has a direct impact on its overall value. Storing it in a facility specifically designed for vehicle preservation helps maintain its condition and, consequently, its value. Whether it’s an RV waiting for your next adventure, a seasonal boat, or a classic car, keeping it in a storage facility is an investment in its future.
  5. Convenience and Accessibility: Our facility offers easy access to your stored vehicles, allowing you to retrieve them whenever necessary during access hours. This convenience comes with the added assurance that your vehicle is stored securely and is always ready for use.
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The Security Benefits of Renting Vehicle Storage

At Store-It, we understand the importance of keeping your recreational vehicles, boats, and automobiles secure. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile in implementing top-tier security measures to give you confidence and peace of mind while your vehicles are parked in our uncovered storage spaces. Here’s a breakdown of how we ensure the safety of your treasured investments:

Round-the-Clock Surveillance: We’ve equipped our facility with cutting-edge 24-hour security cameras to keep a vigilant eye on your vehicles at all times. These strategically positioned cameras provide comprehensive coverage of the facility, offering continuous monitoring and a detailed record of all activities, day and night.

Robust Perimeter Security: Our facility is encircled by sturdy fencing, creating a formidable boundary against unauthorized entry. Coupled with a gated access system, this setup guarantees that only those with explicit permission can enter the area where your vehicles are stored, bolstering the overall security.

Personalized Keypad Access: At Store-It, we utilize advanced keypad access at all entryways. This modern system allows each customer to have a unique access code, significantly restricting entry to authorized individuals and adding an extra layer of protection for your vehicle.

On-Site Management During Business Hours: To enhance our security measures and provide immediate support, we have a knowledgeable manager on-site during business hours. Their presence ensures smooth operations and quick responses to any queries or concerns you might have about your vehicle’s storage.

Our commitment to these security measures at Store-It reflects our dedication to offering a storage experience that is not just convenient but also extremely secure. Rest assured, when you store your vehicle with us, it’s in safe hands.

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage

General Vehicle Storage Preparation Tips

When preparing your car or motorcycle for storage, start by giving it a thorough wash and wax. This not only keeps it looking good but also protects the paint from dust and grime build-up. Next, fill the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel from deteriorating over time. Change the oil and other fluids to keep the engine in good shape. Disconnect the battery to prevent drain, or better yet, hook it up to a trickle charger to maintain its charge. Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure to avoid flat spots from forming during prolonged storage. Finally, for indoor storage, consider a breathable car cover to protect your vehicle from dust while allowing moisture to escape, preventing rust and corrosion.

Boat Storage Preparation Tips

Before storing your boat, it’s crucial to clean it thoroughly—both inside and out—to remove salt, algae, or debris. This prevents corrosion or damage to the hull and keeps it ready for your next outing. Drain all water from the boat, including the bilge, and dry it completely to prevent mold and mildew growth. Protect the engine by changing the oil and applying fogging oil to the internal components, which helps prevent rust. Disconnect the battery and store it in a cool, dry place. Cover your boat with a quality cover that fits snugly, ensuring it is protected from dust and other environmental factors. If storing outdoors, make sure the cover is waterproof and UV-resistant.

RV Storage Preparation Tips

For RV storage, after you thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior, empty all water tanks and blow out the plumbing lines to prevent any water from freezing and causing damage. Seal any openings or cracks to keep pests and moisture out. Like with other vehicles, change the oil and other fluids and ensure your gas tank is full with a fuel stabilizer added. Check tire pressure and cover the tires to protect them from sun damage if stored outdoors. Remove all perishables and clean the refrigerator and freezer. Lastly, if possible, connect your RV to shore power or periodically run the generator to keep the battery in good condition and ensure all systems remain operational.

Discover more self storage tips from our experts!

Your Vehicle Storage Solution in Halethorpe, Maryland

Make space around your property by trusting your largest belongings to Store-It. In addition to a wide selection of temperature-controlled storage units, we provide spacious outdoor parking spots that are perfect for your cars, boats, RVs, and other vehicles. Look through our available storage options on our website, and reserve a spot for your vehicle in just a few clicks. The rental process is simple, so you can secure your rental and move your belongings in right away. Claim your vehicle storage space today!

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