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How to Pack a Storage Unit to Stay Organized

Ready to pack your items away in self storage? Let Store-It handle the security of your items when you rent one of our temperature-controlled storage units in Halethorpe, MD. Our storage facility on Washington Boulevard is fully equipped with storage, supplies, and expertise to make your storage experience easy. Check out our helpful tips on how to pack your storage unit and keep it organized the whole time!

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit to Save You Time

Plan Out Where Your Items Will Go in the Storage Unit

Do you plan to stack your boxes? If so, make sure to put heavier boxes at the base and only pack lighter boxes on top. This rule should also be followed when you are packing up your boxes—heavier and sturdier objects underneath lighter objects. We also suggest leaving space down the center of your unit for an aisle. That way you have room to move items around and access all sides of your storage unit. Depending on how long you will be storing, you will also want to organize your storage unit based on which boxes have items that you need to access semi-regularly and which you may never need to access when they are stored with us.

Get Quality Packing Supplies to Protect Your Belongings

What kinds of items are you storing? Breakables and other fragile items require more than a flimsy box to protect them. Store-It’s office on Washington Boulevard sells storage supplies during office hours, so you can pick up glass-packing kits, bubble wrap, and quality boxes to pack up your items. Stocking up on supplies is as easy as swinging by, and our staff members will happily steer you in the right direction if you need assistance.

Take the Time to Label Your Boxes

Labeling will make the unpacking process much easier later. Skim through your labels instead of having to go through every box. Not big on labels? Maybe making a cheat sheet is a better way for your brain to remember where everything is laid out in your storage unit. Either way, take note of which items are in which boxes. Your future self is sure to thank you.

About Store-It in Halethorpe, MD

Looking for temperature-controlled storage near you? Store-It is on Washington Boulevard with parking spaces and storage units of all sizes. Call or stop by our office to see how we can help you. Our experts can set you up with the right size storage and amenities for your storage project, whether it’s residential or commercial, big or small, short-term or long-term. We can take care of all of your storage needs. Our month-by-month leasing lets you keep your storage space and budget flexible.

You can get started today by browsing our available storage units online. Then secure your Halethorpe, MD, storage with our easy-to-navigate online storage rentals. Find everything you need at Store-It—and on our website. We provide resources like our online storage calculator, list of expert tips, and FAQ to help you. Rent or reserve your storage unit in Halethorpe, MD, online today!

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