Mover's Guide to Halethorpe MD

Mover’s Guide to Halethorpe MD & Lansdowne Area

Moving to Halethorpe MD? Store-It is located in West Baltimore and here to help with more than just storing. We are proud to be a local business in your neighborhood. Find great eateries and things to do in Baltimore MD with our mover’s guide.

Things to do in Lansdowne-Halethorpe MD

Minutes from the downtown inner harbor where you can take a boat ride and enjoy the local seafood, Halethorpe is a short 15-minute drive away.


Places to Eat

Self Storage in Halethorpe MD

Store-It is a great solution for moving to downtown Baltimore or Lansdowne MD area. Close to the inner harbor, our storage units are help for businesses and homeowners. We feature a variety of storage options all to suit our customers. Find RV storage and outdoor parking along with indoor and drive up storage units. Our storage professionals can set you up with the right storage unit size and features for budget and storage needs. 

Get started today and rent online! Our contactless storage rentals make it easy to rent and move in the same day.

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