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New Year, New Space: DIY Holiday Storage

Cleaning out the house after the holidays? Finding space for all your ornaments, wreaths, and more can be a challenge if your home storage space is limited. To get your holiday storage off on the right track, Store-It has a few DIY tips for the new year.

DIY Holiday Storage

  1. Store ornaments in egg cartons.
  2. Clear clothing bags keep wrapping paper organized.
  3. Hang wreaths in a large bag to keep them looking fresh.
  4. Store bead garland in a soda bottle.
  5. Use magazine holders for gift bags.
  6. Repurpose fruit containers from the grocery store for ornaments.
  7. Label boxes to keep your storage unit organized.
  8. Old coffee cans can be used for storing string lights.
  9. Buy bins with dividers or create your own with cardboard.
  10. Clear containers will help you sort through things next year.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Small decorations or boxes upon boxes, choosing a storage unit to keep your items safe is important. Not sure which is the right choice for you? Learn from our experts and use our online calculator to help determine the right size storage unit.

Lights - Holiday Storage

5-10 Boxes Plus The Tree

Small storage units, 5×5, 5×10, etc., are roughly the size of closets. This is ideal if your decorations are on the light side.

Decor for Indoors & Outdoors

If your decorating has expanded year after year, the middle of the road storage unit would be great. Anything from 76 – 150 square feet will hold all your items.

Lighting Up The Neighborhood

If your outdoor display is a popular display throughout the neighborhood, our large self storage options are best. Keep all the motorized yard ornaments in working order for next year with a storage unit this year.

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